2009 SebaKMT

Globally leader for fault diagnostic solutions including electric, gas, water and telecom

2008 Dynacord

Global leader for mobile audio / concert sound, paging system & pro sound and discos

2007 Bannermate:

Modular display stands system for indoor-advertisement (China)

2006 – CIS:

Continuous Ink Flow System for Epson and HP printers (China)

2005 – Media Bop:

Lenticular digital imaging (3d, flip and depth printing) (China)

2004 – Chocolate Graphics:

Print on chocolate with chocolate (3d and depth printing) (Australia)

2003 – CollagenRx, Inc.

The Cenegenics Medical Institute is the largest and most experienced Age Management Medicine Practice in the world with patients from every state and several countries, 25% of whom are physicians and their families.

2002 – Worldwide Business Brokers

Worldwide Business Brokers, Inc. was founded to facilitate the purchase and sale of businesses around the world.

2001 – Guinn Consultancy Group:

Business plan development and funding, operator of multiple businesses (USA)

2000 – GTCCL:

Payphone sets, line protection units, area payphone management system (China)

1999 – Schlumberger

Schlumberger is the supplier of Publish Payphones and payphone smart cards.