Niazi Group       

Niazi Group is Pakistan’s renowned business identity, serving since 1960. Niazi Group is a well-respected and credible name in the whole community.

Niazi Group is successful to achieve a dominant status in multiple sectors including construction business, real estate projects, transportation network, logistic services, tourism industry, bricks manufacturing and agricultural farming.

Alnoor Cargo City

The title “Gwadar’s largest commercial scheme” Al-Noor cargo city holds this distinct. Al-Noor cargo city is also known as Gwadar’s first strategic commercial scheme.

Al-Noor cargo city is situated in the mid of Gwadar airport and Gwadar sea port. It has one-kilometer wide front on the 205ft wide main Baluchistan Broadway and 150ft wide Existing coastal highway.

Gwadar International

Gwadar International and Athar Marketing are sister concerns with complete joint venture setup. This group is the world’s largest marketing network throughout the world.

Anywhere Gwadar is discussed, our name reflects like a paradise with its honesty, determination, principle, reliability and dignity. That’s why all the most important societies inside Gwadar city on all the important locations are marketed by us.

SP Noor

The family holds a dominant position in political infrastructure of Gwadar and Baluchistan. The family has great influence in Gwadar’s political, social and economic infrastructure.

SP Noor Enterprises (Pvt) Ltd. is involved in various business activities in Gwadar city including real estate, seafood trading, construction and agriculture.

Niazi Bricks

Niazi Bricks is Pakistan’s largest brick manufacturer, with 10 manufacturing (units) facilities in 5 different cities throughout Pakistan.

We produce 1.5 billion brick each year. Our extensive distribution network is helping us to achieve our goals to provide widest possible selection of brick colors and styles, the best service and visualization tools in the business and unusual and unique specialty products that allow you to create the home of your dreams.

Niazi Developers

Niazi Developers was established as a partnership firm in 1995. Later in 2006, it was registered as a Private Limited Company.

Niazi Developers builds Residential Projects, Commercial Projects, Industrial Projects, Government Projects, Private Projects, Hotels, Bus Stations, Public Parks, Roads and other infrastructure-related projects used by millions of people.

Niazi Goods Transport

Niazi Goods Transport Company was founded in 1970 with its head office in Lahore. Company is now operating in all provinces of Pakistan.

Company is serving in goods transportation sector and playing a vital role with over 100 owned vehicles, over thousand party operated vehicles, 10 company owned stations (in all major cities) and hundreds of rented stations in all other major destinations

Niazi Express    

Founded in 1990, Niazi Express Services is the largest provider of intercity and urban bus transportation, serving more than 15,000 destinations with 150,000 daily departures across Pakistan.

It has become a Pakistan icon, providing safe, enjoyable and affordable travel to 54 million passengers each year. Niazi Bus Service is well known for its regularly scheduled passenger service and it is playing an important role in delivering social inclusion, helping people in rural and urban areas for business, trade, career, service, education, training, health, shopping and leisure.

Niazi Logistic Corporation

Niazi Logistic Corporation provides services to companies by complementing or replacing their internal logistics operations with a cost effective and efficient third party source.

Our logistics services include warehousing, distribution, fulfillment, transportation or a combination of all logistics operations. By offering warehousing and distribution services, value-added services, and warehousing logistics services,

Rite Vision

Rite Vision is a subsidiary company of Niazi Express formed to develop and support advertising and multimedia services in Niazi Express and Associates’ public transportation Network of Pakistan as an independent organization.

We at Rite Vision are striving to deliver reliable, economical and state of the art Vehicle and transit media advertisement and entertainment services.


“INAT” deliver large corporation technology support to fit the needs and resources of smaller and medium-scale businesses throughout KSA. With extensive experience of supporting the hardware and software platforms businesses use today.


SAAME is a non-profit, non-political, non-governmental and non-religious cluster of Medical Services Providers (MSPs) dyed-in-the-wool with mission “to exert wide range of quality medical services for poor & needy people of South Asia”.

Chemeca International

Chemeca International is a highly specialized pest control company. We have over 30 years extensive experience in the same field.

We are offering our services to small & large corporations, housing societies, school, factories, offices and residence.

Int’l Rite Aid Homeo Pharma (Pvt) Ltd.

Int’l Rite Aid Homeo Pharma (Pvt) Ltd. (A Project of Niazi Group) with a great mission: “to produce wide range of high quality homeopathic medicine, from the source of nature for betterment of the humanity.” Int’l Rite Aid Homeo Pharma (Pvt) Ltd. is a research oriented organization and a manufacturer of the most effective homeopathic medicines.

Pak Ukraine Centre       

Pak-Ukraine Trade, Culture, & Education Information Centre Islamabad – Pakistan is established under the patronage of H.E Mr. Ihor Pasco Ambassador of Ukraine, with an ambition to Give the high priority in developing new business relations between Ukraine and Pakistan, there are a lot of new business opportunities to explore between both countries

Powerex Group

We are well known in worldwide Import, Export and Marketing Management. Powerex is the team energetic and ambitious personals with high professional skills in the fields of Power Generation, Industrial Equipment, Material Handling Equipment, Heavy/Construction Machinery & Attachments, Spare Parts and Relevant Professional Services.

R & A Associates     

We at R & A Associates have carried out civil engineering and Mechanical engineering contracts of varying magnitude and nature. We have constructed most sophisticated residential / office multi story buildings, complexes such as Pakistan Steel Township Colony, PSO New Vision Petrol Pumps throughout Pakistan, Logo Zoom Sign boards of 110 feet height and mega sign board of PSO.

Unity Ad

Unity Advertisers is a leading outdoor advertising company of Pakistan, started way back in 1957. We are currently running a complete setup with one stop solution for all your needs regarding promotion of your brand.

Our expertise include Designing, Digital Flex Printing, Steaming, Board Structure, Making Show Rooms, Making Loco Bond Sheet Signs, and Line work Flex Preparation, Display Stands, LED Signs, Reflector Signs, Cloth Banners, Acrylic Sheet Signs, and Neon Signs etc.


We are a business management consulting firm specializing in business consulting services assisting banks & financial institutions to make decisions about their credit financing.

Whether you need Industry information, want to analyze your potential or existing client’s accounting records, forecasts or projections, cash flow analysis, or need professional advice on credit facilitation/enhancement, we can provide you a real professional advice to help you with.

Our company is led and managed by experienced & cohesive team of specialists from the field of accounting and financial sector.

Solo Tech Automotive

Solo Tech Automotive is an electrical engineering company focused on the spare parts for the motorcycles in Pakistan. Solo Tech Automotive manufactures Speedometers, CDI units, Magneto Units, Flashers and Ignition Coil for all the motorcycles based on Honda Technology in Pakistan.

Adab Saraae      

Adab Saraae is an Urdu Literary Organization, working in Pakistan since 1988. Its main objective is to educate the new writers and new poets and to provide them an open platform to recite their poetry and prose.

The renowned poets, writers and scholars are the basic members of this organization which are serving to promote Urdu literature worldwide.

X-Vision Security Services

The tasks of combating crime and provision of providing safe and secure work environments and protection of assets has  become a challenge for private security companies.

In rapidly changing and hostile security environments X-Vision provides a professional and confidential service in high level security and risk management.

Burki Builders & Developers

Provider of all types of construction material required. Your satisfaction is our goal. Exterior and Interior decoration, we are at a telephone call distance, for plumbing, Painting and electrification.

Our team is well qualified and experienced. Working according to specification, once the customer places an order, completion according to your orders/instructions is the first priority of our team. You will find us more competitive, more economical and quality conscious.

Burki Courier Services (Pvt) Ltd.

BCS courier is a division of BURKI GROUP of companies. BCS is the swiftest and most economical courier service in Pakistan. BCS courier is providing services to its customers for the last two years. It has a network across Pakistan as well as worldwide. “Clients’ interest comes first”, BCS provides reliable and fastest courier services all around Pakistan and worldwide. We are proud of our quality services. BCS is economical than any other domestic and international courier services. BCS provides Domestic Services all over in Pakistan. From Monday to Saturday, we are ready to collect letters / documents/parcels on daily basis from your company’s locations. Consignment trusted to BCS gets completion within 24 hours (Domestic) 72 hours (International).

Burki School System

This is an excellent effort by Burki Group of Companies. This group has also launched such projects in Pakistan which are on the pathway of success. The Burki School System is another excellent effort and INSHAALLAH you will also ensure it.

Burki Trust

Burki Trust is a project of Burki Group Of Companies Limited started in 2000. In this trust we provide free education, needy or poor girls’ marriages, provide job to peoples, protect old people and orphans and provides legal services. We are a part of a society where the majority of the people residing in villages and towns are living below the poverty line and even deprived of the basic necessities of life. In today’s world where inflation is at its peak, it is impossible for them to pay for their electricity, children’s education and any medical treatment of any family member.

MAS Laptops    

Established in 1990, MAS Laptop was one of the very first companies to sell refurbished laptop computers in Hafeez Centre. We are proud to sell the highest grade new / refurbished laptops and we are 100% behind our products.

We are NOT brokers! We own the laptops that we offer for sale and they are ready to ship.

TS Group

TS Group is a growing company of Pakistan, serving the nation from last 15 years.

TS Group is dealing in various sectors including solar and wind energies, waste to water energy system, water turbines, public surveillance, address and display systems, access control and security systems, water treatment systems etc.

Foundation for Legal Research

Foundation for Legal Research serves a wide range of functions, some better known than others. The Company provides research and reference assistance, oversees the preeminent legal collection available, and houses an international staff of foreign law attorneys.

Currently, the Company operates under three main areas of expertise:

Collection Services, 2 Foreign Law Research, 3. Public Services

Kazmi Estate     

Kazmi Estate was formally launched in year 1971, however, it was incorporated later in year 1981. Kazmi Estate is among the oldest real estate organizations of Pakistan, when government of Pakistan regulated real estate agencies; Kazmi Estate was registered at 5th number.

We are enjoying the status of more than 40 years of excellence. We have specialized in various areas of real estate businesses including Residential, Commercial, Industrial and Recreational properties.

Marki & Mani           

Marki & Mani is the largest and most experienced provider of digital security solutions. Established in 2000, we provide advance security solutions for various business premises in all over Pakistan.

Our locally based Representatives and Technical Specialists will help you ensure the most appropriate mix of technologies, or scope out specific job sites for you, making specifications and recommendations guaranteeing you the most effective and cost efficient solution.

City Cargo

City Cargo Services is a modern and dynamic company providing total logistic solutions for public and private sector. We strive to maintain very high standards of excellence in our services and to add value for our customers.

Our employees are dedicated and represent a great diversity of skills and professional careers which will enable us to provide high quality services in all areas related to logistic business.

Bukhari Estate          

We at Bukhari Real Estates are working in the field of real estate business from prior one and half decade.

We are specialized in dealing commercial and residential properties. Mission is to provide trustful and high quality real estate services to our clients with fully integrated financial (leasing, loaning, installments etc.) and operational (long/short term investments, legal matters, reselling options, floating profits etc.) options.

HFI Hydro Care

HFI Hydro Care is a Private Limited Company established in 2005 with multi-business solutions. Water Technology wing engage to provide a multi stages drinking water purification systems.

Our Ranges are,

1. Domestic Drinking Water System.

2. Office purpose during water RO based water system.

3. Commercial drinking water solutions,

4. Other water related products  i,e “Smart bath shower”

Umair Saleem  (Pvt) Ltd.

We as a firm of consultants are actively engaged in serving the needs of corporate sector via enhancing the efficiency, responsibility and profitability in areas of Marketing / Promotion, Research / Industrial Studies, Branding, HR Development / Recruitments, Project Management, Investment Management, Web Marketing, IT / Change Management while staying cost effective

Total Media Services            

Jang OOh (Out of Home), is a Marketing Company, sister concern of the Largest Media Group of Pakistan “JANG Group”. Almost all major Close Circuit television operators including Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad, Peshawar, Multan, Faisalabad & Quetta Airports, Daewoo Intercity Bus Service & Pakistan Railways, in the country has extended their Operations with exclusive Marketing Rights to our Group.

Eye Productions

Eye productions was set up to uphold the excellence with innovation in the field of TV production. The core teams are made up of experienced directors, trained camera people, editors, animators, sound and music professionals, researchers and scriptwriters. The team members bring years of rich experience from across the pre and post-production processes in channels, have completed TV production workshops of CNN, APTN and PTV academy.

Pizza Plus

Pizza Plus a chain of pizzerias founded in 2005 by entrepreneur Mrs. Amina Ansir. Pizza Plus primarily focuses on pizzas but also offers Burgers, Parathas, Handi and shawarmas. Pizza Plus serves through take away, dine in & delivery services. Pizza Plus offers exciting franchising opportunities.

Prescon Engineering     

Prescon is the power partners for most of the power plants in the country. Another electrical engineering company focused towards the power sector. Prescon represents the major test equipment suppliers around the globe and supports their services in Pakistan.

Ravi Autos 

Ravi Autos was formed in 1969 under the collaboration with UK based AGCO as a mechanical engineering company focused to manufacture the spares for the Massey Ferguson Tractors as an OEM Manufacturer.

Today Ravi Group is one of the largest suppliers to the Millat Tractors and is the manufacturer of the Ravi brand of motorcycles in Pakistan.

Corvit System   

Founded in year 2000 as a supplier of networking products, services, trained human resource and training, Corvit has rapidly evolved into a trusted business technology advisor and strategic partner with solutions spanning the entire spectrum of Information and Communication Technology (ICT).

Mega Plus

MEGAPLUS Pakistan is one of the largest and oldest Authorized Distributor and Service Provider of Dell in Pakistan having presence in Islamabad, Lahore, Karachi & Peshawar in Pakistan and is largest Dell Authorized Distributor in Afghanistan.

We are also the Channel partner of EMC, Red Hat, Microsoft, Symantec & Oracle.

In O Vative Consultants

In O’ Vative is engaged in the business of Management Consultancy and Trainings since 2003, with an edge of specialized trainings for manufacturing concerns, organizations in services sector and NGOs as well.

We are offering consultancy services on Management Systems deployment like Quality Management System ISO9001, Social Accountability SA8000 and other Quality and HR standards. We do offer a number of short term and long term training programs, in-house seminars, one-day / two days and longer certification courses.

Brain Net

Brain NET being pioneer in Internet Services industry of Pakistan is considered to be the largest Internet service provider with greater geographic coverage and vast range of internet solutions for both consumer and corporate sector.

As a Group of companies; Brain Computers initiated in 1982 and appeared as a successful business of hardware solutions. In 1992 Brain was honored and appreciated to be the innovator of emailing system in Pakistan’s IT industry.

In 1996 Brain incorporated BrainNET to commence Internet Services and retained an honor of First Internet Service Provider of Pakistan. Being pioneer in ISP industry, we always stood ahead all in innovating solutions.

Brain has got largest Optical Fiber network in Lahore over which top IT companies are subscribed to and the Local Loop License (LLC) by Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) to run Telecom operations in Lahore under BrainTEL.

The Fas Solutions   

THE FAS Solutions is a High Quality Enterprise Solutions, customization and implementation services provider. We offer full cycle of IT Services from on-site support to offshore Quality Software Development, outsourcing support to enhancement.

THE FAS Solutions employs large pool of software and network engineers coming from different backgrounds with vast skill set. We are able to balance software development efforts and project duration to your business needs.

Ceres Associates

Ceres Associates (Gulf) is an integrated environmental and waste management company with diverse expertise in:

“Design, management and operations of waste collection, storage, recycling and environmentally sound disposal”

The company provides complete range of integrated environmental and waste management solutions to municipal corporations, industries, hotels and medical institutions.

Zoom Petroleum

ZOOM Lubricant Products are specially blended for the car enthusiasts, environment-conscious and cost-conscious car owners. ZOOM Lubricant Products use the latest scientific breakthrough in Metal Treatment Technology in blending the lubricants.

The special blended oil has been proven to save fuel and require low maintenance for many industrial applications and car users. How it works Conventional lubricants are based upon maintaining high strength and thickness of oil film, or on introducing an EP (Extreme Pressure) protective deposit between moving mating surfaces to resist failure resulting in scoring, seizure or accelerated wear.

Alnoor Seafoods     

Alnoor Seafoods is dealing in high quality hygienic seafood products including variety of fisheries, crabs, shrimps, shells and lobsters.

Unity Corporation  

Unity Corporation offers a complete line of clothing and Class A uniforms for Pakistan Police including uniform shirts, uniform trousers, uniform jackets and outerwear including Badges, Embroidery, shirts, pants, gloves, caps, headwear and other apparel accessories.

Solo Tech Corp 

SmartXS a flagship product of SoloTech Corp is the fastest multi-model biometric device based on Dual Retina & Face Identification / verification in 3D space to give you a more accurate Security equipment used for Access Control, Time & Attendance and Visitor / Member management with no affect from change in (beard/shave) & anti-glare glasses / lens and rejects Photographs and Posters to prevent buddy punching.