1. Global Consultancy Group: Become part of a fastest growing multi-functional global business consultancy group, operating around the world through a group of business consultants and management experts located on every continent. The group assists companies in developing business around the world. Marvel System will raise your profile, broadcast your successes and add value to your business by telling the community and the global audience about what you do, how you do it and who you do it for.

2. Best Practice Documentation: From initial briefing documents to end contracts, our range of best practice support will ensure smooth professional relationship among our community members.

3. Projects & Opportunities: Take advantage of our frequently updated list of featured “Projects & Opportunities” backed by our Principal Consultants and Executive Committee. Members may find suitable opportunities for their organization.

4. Exclusive Interview Series: Be a part of our exclusive interview series and read success stories of our honorable consultants, respected presidents and several different regarded associates. In addition to that we have special interviews collection including CEOs of Fortune 500 companies, presidential award winning companies and best invention award winning companies for reference and free access of our members.

5. Resellers & Partners Programs: Marvel System is extending its community network, vertically through developing its resellers’ network and horizontally through its partners’ network. So small organization may get more products and services to sell and big organizations may have more hands to share they business load. Our member organizations may either join our reseller programs or may join our partners’ network for mutual growth.

6. International Business Tours: Marvel System organizes international business tours for its community to explore business opportunities in different countries. All business tours are backed by our senior consultants, so our community will get tours updates and special discounted packages as if they show interest to join any of our tour.

7. Investment Opportunities: Either you are looking for investment or funding opportunities, marvel system tracks funding application calls and Partnerships opportunities for its members.

8. Lobbying for innovation: Strength in numbers makes our voice heard and promotes the value of our sector-specific skills and expertise to government, industry and several different areas.


Other Exclusive Benefits


9. Event Updates: Keep your finger on the pulse of ground-breaking business, commerce and industry events, new product launches, workshops and seminars.

10. Match-Making Events: Engage in dialogue and build relationships with the people who matter through our scope of networking opportunities and events.

11. Event Invitations: Hook up with potential partners, network by joining us at B2B events, shows, workshops and seminars around the country.

12. Discounts on Events: Take advantage of our specially negotiated prices and discounts at a range of relevant trainings, exposure lectures, trade shows, exhibitions, workshops, conferences, seminars, social and cultural events.

13. Advertising & Promotion: Advertising, promotion and sponsorship opportunities are always available at our forum like B2B events, shows, workshops and seminars around and across the country.

14. Recruitment advertising: Find the cream of the industry by posting your vacancies on our website.

15. Recruitment promotion: Promote your team’s skills, expertise and experience to prospective clients.

16. Consultants Database: A service available to our community for match-making technical consultants with the member organizations in accordance of their willing and interests.

17. Consultancy Services: Members may get special discounts on our several different consultancy services available on our website for their organization.


Add-on benefits


18. Knowledge Centre: Free access to Knowledge Centre that includes (but not limited to) softwares, books, white papers, articles, catalogues, brochures, proposals, concept papers, interviews, directories, dictionaries and s different study stuff.

19. Knowledge Webzine: Our team of research associates is directly controlled by our executive community to conduct special research on several different business and technology innovation areas. They are responsible to generate a special quarterly research e-publication named “knowledge webzine” that also includes interviews, corporate success stories, business and technology news, articles, featured projects and events reports and much more!

20. E-Newsletters: Keep yourself updated by receiving our regular, useful and time-efficient e-newsletters that includes members’ featured activities.

21. Execution of the Ideas: An Idea which is not implemented is a squat! The idea is just an execution of the idea! We assist our members to bring their ideas, technologies and business propositions to market via our global consultancy network.

22. Speaker Opportunities: Whether you want to promote your business, impart industry knowledge or inspire others with your passion for design, we deliver a range of speaker opportunities.

23. Referral Programs: Members may join our referral programs, where they will be entertained with special referral incentives.