Abdul Rasheed Awan, Duty Free Shop Ltd.

“There are very few people like Mian Waqar. He is incredibly intelligent, and is almost always the expert in the room. His wide variety of experience and skills lend him credibility and understanding in so many venues that his expertise is often invaluable not just on the job for which he is hired, but in so many facets of the organization for which he is working. Since I first utilized his skills, I have carried his expertise from company to company and client to client, with consistent and predictable results. He will likely be the best consultant you have ever engaged in your organization.”

Farhan Masood, Solo Smart

“I found Mian Waqar a very loyal soul with an extremely hard working nature, very impressive technology skills, wide multi-dimensional knowledge and management expertise. I really enjoyed working with Waqar. He does not keep the word “defeat” in his dictionary. I wish him success in life.”

Alan Guinn, The Guinn Consultancy Group, Inc.

“Mian has always impressed me with his phenomenal abilities to find potential opportunities. He works diligently and succeeds at whatever he starts. He is a true Rain-maker with a capital R, and understands the importance of creating long term relationships and opportunities.”

Muhammad Tariq Sohail, CEO, TS Group

Mian has maintained a professional and respectable relationship over the years. He has demonstrated over and over again a high degree of organizational maturity and devotion to superlative relationship building and client engagement. I consider him to be one of my professional partners. I appreciate working with him to reach some of my larger clients. I have and would highly recommend him to all my colleagues.